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Hi all. This is a hastily assembled web site so you can download the compendium of old 2600 manuals I compiled late last year and finished early this year. I never got around to posting this, but now am itching to revise it, so in the meantime I figured some people should download this one and give me feedback. I'll spiff up the site in my spare time, but for now, download and enjoy this version.

NOTE: For some reason the 1.0 version didn't have links in the Table of Contents. This version does. Now you can click on a game name to jump to that page. Also, be sure to right click and choose Save As, or the PDF will simply load into your browser.

NOTE: I have uploaded version 1.51 as of 9/18/2002. Thanks to Albert Yarusso of who pointed out the links to the Author's Comments and all the links on the Coda page were dead. This version fixes that.

SPECIAL THANKS: go to the guys at Atari Age for hosting space for the tome itself.

I am still plugging away at version 2.0, so check back every so often!

Email me with any comments, suggestions, complaints, praise, money orders, etc.

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