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So, just how do you use this thing? Well, despite the fact that we believe it to be incredibly straightforward and intuitive (are you reading this Outrage?), we have whipped up a few notes here for you to read and take to heart. A quick once over should answer any questions you may have, and you can get back to Descenting. First of all, the installation instructions:
  1. download D3DSU
  2. use your favorite unzipper (WinZip comes highly recommended) to extact to your harddrive.  You can place the program anywhere you like.
  3. create a shortcut either on your desktop or your Start Menu
  4. Thanks to suggestions from Heiko Herrmann at, this step is no longer is required! 
    start Descent 3 and click on SETUP, then the MISC tab on the right in the text box near the bottom of the screen, enter: -dedicated dedicated.cfg
  5. exit Descent 3 (be sure to delete the above line if you wish to play single or multi-player again)

From now on, to run Descent 3's dedicated server, just double-click the shortcut to D3DSU, change any settings to your liking, click on the LAUNCH D3 button to start Descent 3, and click on PLAY to start the dedicated server with your settings

Click on Server Options or Weapons Selections to see more.After you "install" and run D3DSU, you will see the main screen (pictured on the left). Here is where almost all the action takes place. A brief description of each field follows:

Game Settings

Game Name: enter anything here, it will show up as the server name when someone connects to the game

Mission Name: this is the name of the file found in the descent3/missions folder that you wish to play

Game Type: select which type of game you wish to play

Connection Type: select the protocol used over your LAN

Game Options

Max Players: maximum numbers of players allowed in the game

Kill Goal:
when one player reaches this many kills, the server will end the level and proceed to the next one

Start Level: enter a number higher than 1 to skip to other levels contained within a mission

HUD Names: (this feature is not implemented yet, but keep checking back) select whether or not to display player names over their ships during the game;
NOBODY = will not show player names on any ships
TEAMS = will only show you names of people on your team (so you don't waste ammo!)
ALL SHIPS = will show all players names

Packets Per Second: kind of a technical setting than you shouldn't play with unless you know what you're doing

Time Limit: how long to play a level before proceeding to the next one (in minutes)

Respawn Time: how long of a delay before weapons and power-ups are regenerated after someone grabs them (in seconds)

Difficulty: useful only for Robo-Anarchy or Co-op games where there are robots in the levels with you

Server OptionsWeapon Selections