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Version 2.0 (release March 5, 2000)        NEW!
• added open/save config files.
• added select/deselect all for weapon disable.
• added program portability.  The program can
   be run from anywhere on your computer now!
• added scanning of missions directory.  No more
   manually adding and removing missions.  The
   program will scan your missions dir for all mission files.
• added message of the day.  Now your game can display
   the message of the day to people entering your game.

Version 1.07.01 (released July 1, 1999)
• added Weapons/PowerUps Disallow
• added PXO (Parallax Online) support
• added Remote Control Console support
• added Peer-to-Peer option
• added Mouselook option
• added Server Controlled Weapons Fire (Permissibility)

Version 1 (released June 29, 1999)