Now that you have the most awesome game on the planet, you want to fire up the dedicated server and frag your friends into oblivion! Unfortunately, the masterminds at Outrage/Interplay decided not to include an interface for the Descent 3 dedicated server. This makes for a profound learning curve and heaps of frustration when trying to configure the dedicated server for your personal use. However, borne of that frustration, along comes: the Descent 3 Dedicated Server Utility!


This freeware utility mean you will no longer have to edit config files and test variables. Just fire up D3DSU and point-and-click your way to one the most awesome multi-player experience around!


Without further ado, dig in and frag away, friends!

Descent 3 Dedicated Server Utility

March 7, 2000 / Version 2.0 / 228 KB


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