For Kids, About Kids, By Kids

Kids News was a small newspaper in Naples, Florida which ran from 1981 to 1986. It was the brainchild of TL Westgate (me) and my mother Judy Lawrence. She inspired the kids to write and produce the 4-8 page publication on a monthly basis. You can download the surviving issues below.

Download: All (397MB) / 1981 (44MB) / 1982 (94MB) / 1983 (94MB) / 1984 (86MB) / 1985 (29MB) / 1986 (52MB)

Or, feel free to click on an issue below to read online. Also, be sure to check out the documentary about Kids News.

Editor’s note: in the papers I am listed as T.L. Lawrence (my folks were divorced and when we moved to Naples my mother felt it would lessen confusion for everyone if we shared the same last name). However, I changed it back to my legal last name, Westgate, when I was a senior in high school.
June 1981 July 1981 September 1981 October 1981 November 1981 December 1981
Spanking in School
Summer Happenings
The Boob Tube Trap
Teddy Bears
FUBAR the Robot
Comic Books
Colleen Duggan
Letter from the Gov.
The Gold Mine
Leslye McDermott
Kids News on TV
Smokey the Bear
Young People’s Theater
Mike Melone
Swamp Buggy Parade
Ron Stallcup
Dewey Selmon
Costume Party
Kim Minahan
Kerman Elbert
The Circus
January 1982 February 1982 March 1982 April 1982 May 1982 June 1982
Melinda Kay Flood
Pet Show
The Dream Doctor
Humane Society
Adam Shaver
Motor City Marty
Miss Charm
Billy "Crash" Craddock
State Wrestling Champs
Dear Kids News
Pac Man vs. Ms. Pac Man
Oratorical Contest
Young People's Theater
Middle School Band
Ronnie Milsap Concert
Poetry Corner
Kids News Birthday
Janet Poole
3 Minute Star Wars
Rubik's Cube
Alice in Oz
Miss Cinderella Contest
Skate Board Club
Teen Board
July 1982 August 1982 September 1982 October 1982 November 1982 December 1982
Writing Contest Winners
Kids News Day
Fire Explorers
4-H Club Program
Little Miss Firecracker
For Your Eyes Only
DJ John Conrad
Back to School Fashion
Gina & Elizabeth Ballot
Drama II at Naples High
Diaper Derby
Scott Baio
Safe Halloween Tips
Ricky Heiser
Writing Contest Winners
Atari: Venture & Pitfall
Sugar and Spice Contest
Captain Kangaroo
St. Jude's Bike-a-thon
Kids News on Fantasy
Gulfshore Life
ENMS Events
Swamp Buggy Parade
January 1983
Nadia Cortez Memorial
County Fair
Scrooge Play Review
Video Game Reviews
February 1983
Ronnie McDowell
Local Art Contest
Valentine Day Messages
March 1983
Leslie Tomasino
Andy Hylen
Medieval Fair
D&D Marathon
April 1983
Jamie Karsten
Letter from the WH
Poetry Corner
May 1983
Andy Glazier
Paul Arsenault
Computer Match-Ups
June 1983
Child Abuse
The Wizard of Oz
Little Miss Firecracker
Meet the Staff
July 1987
D.J. Contest
Vicky Piotrowski
Robin Thomes
August 1983
The Poole Sisters
Stacey Hults
Lady D.J.s
Back to School Fashions
September 1983
Scott Sepper/Atari Camp
Jerry Reed
Miss Shrine Pageant
Flying High with C.A.P.
October 1983
Ross Cortino
Kris Laatz
Styx Concert Review
Circus Coming to Town
November 1983
Kim Minahan
Miner 2049er
Loverboy Concert
Sea Gate 4-H
December 1983
American Indian Days
Bart Conner
Helen Cornelius
Jumpman Review
January 1984
Jungle Larry's
Movie Reviews
Pageant Winners
February 1984
Milestone Youth Home
The King and I
Video Review: Deadline
Adoptable Dolls
March 1984
Damien Stevens
Forty Carats
Royal Lipazzan Stallions
Statue of Liberty
April 1984
Mundy Minor
Charlie Tripp
Ty Smith
Duran Duran
May 1984
Naples High Choir
The Right College
10 Mile Marathon
Don't Ask Sam
June 1984
Marszalkowski Sisters
Mixed Nuts
D&D Under Fire
Van Halen
July 1984
Lori Dixon
Foster Parenting
Annie Play
August 1984
Future Chef
A Boy and His Snake
Boy Scouts
Wilderness Experience
September 1984
Missy Cheaney
Sandcastle Contest
Kids Plant Trees
Night Ranger
October 1984
Kristy Graves
Bill Wright
Mock Elections
Halloween Carnival
Novermber 1984
Vaudeville Tonight
Sonja Craparo
Rick Springfield
Miss Collier/Miss Naples
December 1984
Brenda Rickard
Candlelight Vigil
Review: Summer Games
January 1985
Joanne Cook
Monica Masterson
Ecology Contest
Band Aid
February 1985
Sandy Knight
Sheri Hoy
Jump Rope
David Lee Roth
Missing Issue
March 1985
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Missing Issue
April 1985
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Missing Issue
May 1985
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Missing Issue
June 1985
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Missing Issue
July 1985
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Missing Issue
August 1985
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Missing Issue
September 1985
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Missing Issue
October 1985
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November 1985
Starship & Night Ranger
Renee Dees
DM's Corner
Homecoming Court
December 1985
Champion Diver
Tina Kindelan
Diaper Derby
Powder Puff Football
January 1986
A Look at 1985
4-H Seminar
Local Models in Film
The Print Shop
Missing Issue
February 1986
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Missing Issue
March 1986
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April 1986
Maxwell's $1M Band
Local Gymnastics
Rosie's Crystal Palace
Barron Collier Players
May 1986
Summer Park Schedules
George Kearney
June 1986
$100,000 Scholarships
Local Band: Middle Earth
Gymnastics Center
Grad Nite