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"I loved the DVD. I wish I had gone. There were lots of hot chicks."

Bill Clinton

"The DVD is very nicely done. Very professional all the way around."

James Cameron

"Looks like everyone had an awesome time. I wish I had a TiVo."

Bill Gates

"What's with the 845913 thing?"

Stephen Hawking

"I wish I had known about it. Lots of hunky guys to get to know!"

Jenna Jameson

"You guys went on the Star Trek ride? What a bunch or dorks."

Jonathan Frakes

"What a hoot, and I couldn't imagine a more professionally done disc! The packaging is great, and the content is fantastic!"


"Two, Two thumbs up! The DVD was very will put together and very well done. The intro is outstanding and this DVD is very professional for having been shot with a consumer camera."

David Bott

"...an incredible job! Thanks again!"


"I am extremely impressed with the quality throughout and your attention to detail. I love the musical selections!"


"...it is absolutely wonderful! Great intro, great menus and the video and picture quality that I have seen so far have been great!"


"Great DVD, BTW. I'm transfixed by the size of your big mic"


"...awesome job with the DVD... looks sweet..."


"Ok, I got the DVD and I'm watching Mav's fear of flying. I think you guys were really ticking off the lady seated behind Mav."


"I thought it was great (I got mine today, too). I'd forgotten about Mav's song to the forum. It was great. Now I just need to learn it. Let me see.....capo at 3rd fret, C, G, A, and D chords.....I can do that!"

Agatha Mystery

"Amazing job"


"How can anybody watch this and NOT want to come back this year for more? Oh, yes, the pajama party porno was pretty good, too. Nice try there, hiding it in the secret directory. But you can't fool me!"


"Awesome job"


"A superb DVD, Indy. I can't begin to imagine how much work has gone into this, but it's sincerely appreciated by me."


"FANTASTIC!! ... But why are the so many pictures with Skittle's tongue???"


"Awesome job ... Watching the DVD brought back so many memories of both Vegas and Hotlanta. After watching, it will be pretty hard for me NOT to go to Vegas this year. I guess I better start saving my pennies"


Three thumbs up!

Inigo Montoya

"Fantastic job"


"If the boredom and depression of not being able to go wasn't enough to convince me to save money up to go to the next convention, this DVD certainly is. Even without having been there, I'm really enjoying this."

Tenacious Lee

"...awesome! The to-Vegas plane ride was hysterical (especially the woman behind Mav)."


"I have mine, and it is GREAT!!"


"I liked it. It was better than Cats."


"I have it and love it."


"Got it. It's amazing. It's gonna be our best recruiting tool for TC-CON '05."


"Excellent DVD!"


"I would take a Mulholland Drive on a Lost Highway to see this DVD again."

David Lynch

"One of the best DVD's ever and that's no Raging Bull."

Martin Scorsese

"Listen, I've seen a lot of Reservoir Dogs in my day. This is not one. I would Kill Bill a third time to be able to make a DVD like this one."

Quentin Tarantino

"Great job"