Brighten Ships: illuminates ships evenly, instead of allowing you to hide in shadows

Accurate Collisions: eats up processor time computing more accurate collisions; only use on a fast connection (i.e., not the Internet!)


Smooth Rotation: uses extra computing power to calculate a smooth roll (might as well use it if you can!)


Server Firing: server controls firing calculations, increasing the chances that shots which appear to hit your opponents actually do


Mouse Look: inverts mouse settings (for you odd ducks out there ;-)


Peer to Peer: use only if everyone is connected at the same speed, increases player updates in ideal situations


Remote Control Console: allows players to alter/control the console (server) commands on the fly; you shouldn't need to adjust the port settings in most situations

Just check off which weapons and/or powerups you DO NOT want to be available during game play.

Just type in a message that you would like displayed when people enter the game!







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